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My name is Jennifer and I believe that a great balance of natural health, healing through food, and reducing environmental toxins has helped me “regain my sparkle” and can help you regain yours!

Struggling for years after a diagnosis of two autoimmune disorders, through holistic health, I have managed to regain the ability to function enough to work two jobs, keep a social life, and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle (and without medication which wasn’t supposed to be possible).

 About MeWhen I began switching to a healthier lifestyle, I came across a lot of information on Moms who switched to a healthier lifestyle to help their families. As a single, young female, living on her own, I found that the healthy living information was really lacking for my age group and lifestyle. I felt hopeless and alone.

Throughout this blog, you will see that I learned that you can have fun (no matter your lifestyle) while still regaining your sparkle! Learn how through: flavorful healthy recipes, batch cooking tips (to free up time), dinner parties (clean-eating style), holistic gifts/diys, “healthier” cocktails, apartment living tips, quotes/inspiration, eating out clean, and much more!

I’d love to continue to provide encouragement for those who are also looking to help each other eat healthy and live better! So, if you have any comments, blog ideas, or suggestions, I am always open! Feel free to email me at jenn@regainyoursparkle.com. Additionally, I have just begun a forum to help us provide positive encouragement to each other in our journeys to better health!

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Here’s to regaining our sparkle together,



*Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program, consuming alcohol, and/or using new products. I am not a doctor or registered dietician and no responsibility is assumed or guarantees are made if you choose to follow the advice in this blog. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

*For additional details regarding allergens, nutrition and FDA, commenting, copyright, affiliate and advertising, and other important policies, please see my Policies Page.

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