Cauliflower Fried Rice

Another dish easily made paleo with one of my favorite clean eating essentials; organic riced cauliflower! It was made to be a healthy/grain-free version of the Chinese dish fried rice. The fried rice was made in large quantities to avoid waste/unused produce and feeds a large family or makes leftovers for days.… Read More Cauliflower Fried Rice

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Golden Milk – Miraculous Anti-Inflammation Drink

Need a quick fix for inflammation? Golden Milk, originating from Ayurvedic medicine, is known for its healing properties and continues to be one of the strongest anti-inflammatory drinks. Great for aches and pains, anxiety and depression, and other ailments due to inflammation in the body, this drink is calming, warm, and oh-so-creamy! … Read More Golden Milk – Miraculous Anti-Inflammation Drink


Thai Sweet Chili Salmon

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the taste of seafood, particularly the “fishy” taste of certain types of fish. However, with salmon’s reputation in the health food world, I do try to squeeze it into my diet as much as possible. As a result, I find that the best way to combat the fishiness,… Read More Thai Sweet Chili Salmon


Sweet Potato Nachos

A quick weekday meal made with real food! Sweet potato nachos are perfect for those who are looking for a fast and healthy meal with fresh vegetables. This meal is a great intro to clean eating as it makes over a classic dish that is typically made with not-so-healthy ingredients.


Hidden Veggie Paleo Meatballs

This dinner is flavorful, healthy, and loaded with lots of good-for-you ingredients! Try these meat patties out for a decent helping of vegetables when you’re not a huge fan of the taste of vegetables.