Top Ten Essentials for Clean Living (Basic Overview)

Whether you have health issues, are worried about rising level of illnesses such as cancer, or simply desire to live a healthier lifestyle, switching to a cleaner form of living can be overwhelming.

I began my wellness journey 5+ years ago when information was limited. Luckily, years later there is so much for information available. Clean living doesn’t have to be Top Ten Essentials for Clean Livingoverwhelming, time-consuming, or difficult. At first, you will have to make many changes and give up some time. However, after a couple weeks, things will become second nature to you and be a natural part of your daily routine. To begin with, see below where you can begin your wellness journey with the ten essentials for clean living. Eventually, I will dive into each of these topics in detail. However, in the meantime if you want additional details on any topic below, feel free to leave a comment or contact me and I will move those topics up in priority and give you additional information as needed. **I did put links to my personal suggestions where I had room, but there wasn’t always a spot for it**

Clean living has changed my life and I hope it changes yours as well!

Top Ten Essentials for Clean Living (Basic Overview):

  1. Quality Sleep. Your body can’t run on nothing! I know there aren’t enough hours in the day, but if you have the concentration level you need to get things done and focus (after a good night’s rest), it’ll pay off. A healthy lifestyle is pointless without at least 7 hours of sleep, your body needs to recharge. Have issues sleeping at night? Begin with the basics. Try avoiding food, exercise, and bright lights right before bed, meditate or read to relax your mind before sleeping, get blackening shades to block out city lights while sleeping, etc. Lifestyle adjustments can make a huge difference.
  2. Exercise. I get it, I hate it too. In fact, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand those people who look forward to it. I never have. But I do feel great after. Even only three 30 minute sessions of low intensity workouts a week can make a huge difference. On weeks I don’t have time to go to the gym or a class, I do a few quick workouts at home. Not sure what you can do at home? Just put on a YouTube workout. One of my favorites/recommendations (great for a yoga beginner) is Yoga with Adrienne!
  3. Peace of Mind. Even if you do everything else right, stress can completely ruin your healthy life progress. People deal with stress and mental health issues in different ways, but some include: stress management techniques, mental health/therapy when needed, church/religion/spirituality, etc.
  4. Support Network/Companionship. Human companionship is a basic need whether you are a introvert or an extrovert. Studies show that companionship’s effects on your mental health are undeniably positive. Learn how to make friends/gain support as an adult here.
  5. A Clean Environment. Things such as indoor air quality and our environment can play a huge role in our health, especially for those with weaker immune systems. The three most important steps include: reducing your exposure to chemicals (replace cleaning supplies and other chemicals with safer alternatives), avoiding environmental contaminants (pollutants, chemical leaks, pesticides) and improving indoor air quality (allergens, pollutants, mold exposure, smoke, bacteria, carbon monoxide).
  6. Fuel A Less Toxic Body. Everything you put into your body fuels it. So, fuel it with: clean water (free of chemicals, bacteria, added chlorine/fluoride), clean food and beverages (follow clean-eating guidelines), and limit pharmaceuticals as much as possible (there are alternatives to many).Fuel a Less Toxic Body
  7. Reduce Your Body’s Exposure to External Chemicals. Select natural cosmetics and personal hygiene items (such as toothpaste and deodorant). Remember what you put on your skin also gets absorbed.
  8. An Accommodating Kitchen. Select food storage containers, utensils and serve ware made from glass or stainless steel instead of plastic. Select safe cookware as well (ceramic, cast iron, or stainless steel pans). Make space for extra prep items and fresh produce through the use of pan racks, countertop displays, ceiling racks, additional shelving units, etc.
  9. Time Savers. Find ways to save time. Everyone is busy and getting the right amount of sleep, working out, and eating healthy can be hard to fit into a busy lifestyle, so save time where you can. Batch cook/freeze meals. Try quick workouts at home for busy days. Use grocery delivery services such as Shipt, try healthy meal delivery service, and/or try local produce delivery services. Use Amazon Prime or other websites such as Vitacost to have natural products, cosmetics, etc. delivered to your door.
  10. Money Savers. Couponing works. Since there aren’t tons of coupons and ways to save money on natural products (although it’s getting better), I use coupons and deals (two of my favorites are the Retail Me Not app and Brad’s Deals email newsletter) to cut costs in other areas so my extra income can go to natural foods and other products. In terms of reducing costs or natural and organic food, I found the best thing to do is shop around. My personal favorites are Costco, Trader Joes, farmers markets, and local co-ops. For finding actual deals on natural products, my two favorites are the All Natural Savings newsletter and Mambo Sprouts.

Here’s to clean living and regaining our sparkle together,


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